Legacy Standard Poodles

Sir Edwards Mocha Gabbana, AKC CGC


Mocha came to us from Sir Edwards Kennels in Memphis, Tn.  She was chosen for her very deep brown. Now at 2 years, she has retained that deep brown. We plan to use only black to breed her with so that her offspring retain this deep brown. Mocha's first litter has arrived.  Born January 8th, 2017, she has a beautiful litter of browns and blacks. Check out her babies here.  ALL OF THIS FIRST LITTER HAVE FOUND FOREVER HOMES.  

Mocha has been tested and cleared for all Poodle related genetic diseases. The results are posted in a photo album on this site.  She has completed her CGC training  and has a certificate in advanced CGC from AKC.    

Mocha and a toy poodle, "Dolce" are best friends, although with Dolce being older, at 5 lbs still bosses Mocha around. Mocha is owned by Michael and Rebecca Compton and lives with them in Mesa, AZ.